ADAM Audio SX Series


The Making of a Leader: S-Series

ADAM Audio‘s famous S-Series models are reference monitors in many of the most prestigious sound studios around the globe. In only a few years they have become some of the most sought after professional tools at recording facilities. The S-Series combines all of ADAM‘s innovative speaker technologies with the best materials available today.

The New Models: SX-Series

The new SX-Series is based on the S-Series. However, it is not a simple revision of existing models but a fundamental transformation. No details have been overlooked and every sound-crucial aspect has been evaluated. All transducers, drivers and electronics have been redesigned. The result is much more than an improvement, it is a quantum leap in professional monitoring.

All models of the SX-Series are equipped with the new X-ART tweeter. Its fundamental principle is the very same as ART, one of ADAM’s core technologies that has already been written in the annals of audio technology. The X-ART tweeter has a 4dB higher efficiency, a 3dB higher maximum sound pressure level, and an increase in frequency response up to 50 kHz.

The new HexaCone woofers are designed with larger and longer voice coils that deliver a more linear excursion for higher SPL max. values. A stronger magnetic structure is added as well for greater efficiency and accuracy.

All SX-models, starting with the S2X all the way up to the S5X, can be retrofitted with an optional 24 bit/192 kHz D/A Converter featuring an AES/EBU (XLR) and a SPDIF (RCA) input as well as a R/L/Mono switch. Furthermore, these models feature an innovative front panel with sophisticated controls. These controls allow the user to adapt the speakers to the soundroom with high precision.

All models can optionally be magnetically shielded.

Technical specifications for the complete SX range can be found here at the ADAM Audio website